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Stuck somewhere in between blink-182 and Foo Fighters, Batter Hum finds its own voice as a song-driven punk/rock powerhouse from Jackson, TN. Matt Huber, vocals/guitar, delivers catchy melodies and tube driven guitar tones, with the help of Jody Robinson's snarly bass lines, and Myk Robinson's solid and energetic drumming. The trio live is an unapologetic and passionate force. Although a relatively new band (2018), Batter Hum is already making a name for itself by playing the Memphis scene. Currently, the band is writing new material, booking gigs, and scheduled to work on their debut album in 2020.

Matt Huber - vocals/guitar
Matt square

Jody Robinson - bass
Jody square

Myk Robinson - drums
Myk square

"Batter Hum is a promising young pop/punk act, who's on the cusp of helping reshape the alternative scene of West TN" - Hunter Cross, The Skeleton Krew

"The energy Batter Hum radiates through their music is infectious. The band is very lively and has a way of captivating listeners." - Ashton Pierce

"Batter Hum is amazing! From the hard edged melodies and fast paced songs, Batter Hum is a raw and energetic punk band. The songs will stick in your head, leaving you wanting more." - Sara Barnett

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